Simulation of fermentation process of the Tínima beer of 10° with formulation 70/30

  • María Caridad Julián-Ricardo Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Camagüey"Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz”, Camagüey, Cuba
  • Miguel Martínez-Robaina Cervecería Tínima, Camagüey, Cuba
  • Adisbel Almeida-Soto Empresa Militar Industrial, Camagüey, Cuba
  • Adelaide Girao-Orrutiniel Empresa de aceite, Camagüey, Cuba
  • José Carlos-García Cervecería Tínima, Camagüey, Cuba
Keywords: simulation, beer, fermentation, saccharomyces uvarum, bioreactor.


This work was carried out in the Factory of Beer Tínima and had as objective to simulate the stage of fermentation of the production of beer Tínima 10º with formulation 70/30, for the determination of the values of the operation variables that you make the technical efficient and economically process. Were carried out experimental fermentations to 12, 15 and 18 ºC, the experimental design was created with Statgraphics Plus V 5.1 to obtain as variable answers biomass concentration (Xv), dead cell concentration (Xd), substrate concentration (S) and product concentration (P). The kinetic constants were determined experimentally to different temperatures giving as a result: kd = 0,006 7 h-1, α = 1,878 5 gP/gXv, β = 0,069 9 gP/gXv h-1 and μmax, ks, Yxs, Yps does have a quadratic dependence in function of the temperature. He settled down like model phenomenology a group of equations of balance of mass and of energy that include the kinetic models, for the simulation of the process in non-isotherm operation using the software Matlab V.7.8 (2009), which described the behavior of the system satisfactorily. He was carried out an analysis of sensibility of the main operation variables where it is predicted that the best results are obtained with refrigerant temperature (Tr) equal to 2 ºC, refrigerant flow (Fr) of 0,583 3 kg/s and T0 = 10 ºC, Xv0 = 0,5 g/L, S0=105 g/L.
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Julián-Ricardo, M., Martínez-Robaina, M., Almeida-Soto, A., Girao-Orrutiniel, A., & Carlos-García, J. (2018). Simulation of fermentation process of the Tínima beer of 10° with formulation 70/30. Chemical Technology, 38(2), 415-438.