Integration Proposal of a Solar Thermal Power Plant to the Cuban National Electric System

  • Leonardo Peña-Pupo Empresa de Hidroenergía. Cuba
  • Ramón Hidalgo-González Empresa de Hidroenergía. Cuba
  • Luis Gutiérrez-Urdaneta Empresa de Hidroenergía. Cuba
  • Hugo Domínguez-Abreu Departamento Informática. Universidad de Oriente, Cuba.
Keywords: solar thermal power plants, energy storage, molten salts, direct normal irradiation.


This article is about a technical and economic feasibility study evaluation on the possible integration of a solar thermal energy accumulation power plant withmol tensalts to the Cuban Electric System. Thetechnical-economicevaluation of a 50 MW project in Cuba shows thecurrent and future feasibility in spite of thehighinvestmentcoststhatitsupposes. Thepaperisdistributed in the following way, in the antecedents we state the origin and evolution of this technology, current state of the art of this technology; a world scale installed capacity and its development is described too. After that the operation principle of a solar thermal plant by the Andasol 1 type are shown and the operation possibility is evaluated in Cuba, subsequently the technical requirements are evaluated for the operation of these power stations, the high development areas are presented and was selected the better technical conditions area in which its energy yield is evaluated. At the same time, it has been presented the main advantages and disadvantages too. Finally, it is evaluated economically the interconnection of this solar thermal power plant with the premises approved by the “Unión Eléctrica” for renewable projects under the current conditions besides a forecast toward the 2025.
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Peña-Pupo, L., Hidalgo-González, R., Gutiérrez-Urdaneta, L., & Domínguez-Abreu, H. (2018). Integration Proposal of a Solar Thermal Power Plant to the Cuban National Electric System. Chemical Technology, 38(3), 668-683.