Contribution of maintenance with a sustainable approach to quality control in the plastic industry

  • Marian Pérez-Pérez Dpto. de Ingeniería Industrial. Universidad de Holguín. Cuba
  • Ángel Tomás Pérez-Rodríguez Dpto. de Química. Universidad de Holguín. Cuba
  • Estrella María de la Paz-Martínez Dpto. de Educación de Postgrado. Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas. Cuba
Keywords: maintenance with a sustainable approach; quality; plastics industry; SMES.


The production of plastics in Cuba at an industrial scale has increased, also developing the transformation of these materials by hand. The workers in this productive sector do not have the theoretical tools necessary to optimally carry out the operations related to the transformation of polymers, nor do they adequately carry out maintenance, which has a negative impact on their management. The purpose of the work is to design a procedure for the implementation of maintenance with a sustainable approach in small and medium-sized plastic transformation companies, which contributes to improving the quality of production. For this purpose, controls were carried out in the production process with statistical tools, collecting the information that would allow the structuring of the necessary documentation, using the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and designing management indicators to obtain a trend in the quality of the extrusion process. The importance of maintenance with a sustainability approach is demonstrated as it not only contributes to quality in the transformation of plastics, but also allows solutions to be implemented to obtain economic, environmental and social improvements in this industry.


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