Formulation of a nutritious hydrating drink from banana pseudostem juice and pineapple peel macerate

Keywords: Hydrating drink; banana pseudostem; mix design.


The purpose of this research was to formulate a nutritious hydrating drink from banana juice and pineapple peel maceration, for which the optimal amounts of the components were established through physicochemical and nutritional analysis of the drink, applying a design of Simplex-Centroid mixtures with 3 components per mixture in 13 runs for the choice of the best mixture, it is worth mentioning that the model used for all the parameters analyzed was linear because they presented an R squared greater than 0,95 and a p_value<0,05, The following proportions were obtained as an optimal mixture, 0,4758 of banana pseudostem juice, 0,324 2 of pineapple peel macerate and 0,2 of water, giving as values 5,25 of pH, 0,47 % of acidity, 13,62 % of brix, 2,52 % of protein, 6,04% fiber, 41,59 mg / 100 g of sodium and 168,25 mg / 100 g of potassium.


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