Development of fresh cheese with probiotic cultures and vegetable ingredients

  • Ramón de Cangas-Morán Fundación Alimenta Tu Salud. Oviedo, España
  • Andrés Llavona-Fernández Departamento de Medicina. Escuela de Enfermería. Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, España
  • Purificación Lopez-Sela de Ardás Área de Fisiologia. Departamento de Biología Funcional. Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, España
  • Sara Aguirre Instituto Alimentario Inoqua, Oviedo, España
  • Aldo Hernández-Monzón Instituto de Farmacia y Alimentos. Universidad de La Habana, La Habana, Cuba
Keywords: probiotic cultures, fresh cheese, vegetable ingredients, dietary fiber.


This work aimed to determine the relationship and dose of Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus in milk, and the proportion of vegetable ingredients for the development of a fresh cheese with health benefits. The cheese was made with pasteurized skim milk, addition of probiotic cultures and rennet as a coagulant. It is without the addition of sodium chloride. Cheese was controlled for viability, acceptability and shelf life. The vegetable ingredients were added to the cheese according to the experimental plan and the response variable was acceptability. The best formulations were made sensory evaluation with judges potentially consumers and selection was determined nutritional indicators. It was concluded that the cultures should be used in a 1:1 ratio and 2, 5 % doses. The refrigerated cheese maintained a viability above 106 cfu/g until 14 days. The fresh cheese developed with probiotic cultures and with the addition of cinnamon 3, 5 to 5, 0 %, fiber of oat 7, 5 to 10, 0 %, nuts 7, 5 to 10, 0 %, rosemary 2, 0 %, sweet paprika 1, 0 % and oregano 0, 4 % presented acceptable sensorial quality and by the nutritional composition this cheese can be considered with properties that its consumption may has effective physiological benefits in the improvement of the health.
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de Cangas-Morán, R., Llavona-Fernández, A., Lopez-Sela de Ardás, P., Aguirre, S., & Hernández-Monzón, A. (2019). Development of fresh cheese with probiotic cultures and vegetable ingredients. Chemical Technology, 39(1), 57-72.

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