Optimization in the production of ice cream assortments Alondra

  • Mabel Bofill-Pérez Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana “José Antonio Echeverría”, CUJAE, Cuba
  • Eduardo García-Noa Fábrica de Helados Alondra, La Habana, Cuba
  • Yanet Sariego-Toledo Fábrica de Helados Alondra, La Habana, Cuba
Keywords: ice cream, optimization, linear programming, distribution of assortments and mixtures.


The increase of the profits of the companies, as a result of a high level of quality of the products and a decrease of the costs, is an objective to reach by each one of them. Dairy productions use raw materials with a high unit cost, so minimizing these expenses is a guideline in the business economy to make their productions more competitive. The ice cream Alondra was designed by the Ministry of Tourism in order to meet the demand that exists for this product in the hotel market, social order that requires stable production and quality. This could be affected fundamentally by the current efficiency levels. The work was developed in the ice cream factory Alondra, located in Havana, defining as a general objective to establish the procedure for calculating the optimal distribution of ice cream assortment, aimed at the rational use of raw materials and guaranteeing the monthly demand of flavors. To achieve this, the cost of the product was established as a dependent variable, defining capacity constraints, availability of raw materials and need, according to the demand of each assortment. The linear programming method was used, developing the calculations with the Excel Solver complement. The fundamental result is the system of equations and the calculation program to obtain with a minimum production cost and the monthly flavor variety demanded
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Bofill-Pérez, M., García-Noa, E., & Sariego-Toledo, Y. (2019). Optimization in the production of ice cream assortments Alondra. Chemical Technology, 39(3), 500-514. https://doi.org/10.1590/2224-6185.2019.3.%x