Increase of the Ni and Co Recovered in the Carbonate-Ammonia leaching

  • Jorge Miranda-López Centro de Investigaciones del Níquel (CEDINIQ)
Keywords: ultrasonic treatment, slurry, aditivation with national chemical products, at slurry processes oxidations.


Presently work theoretical-experimental aspects of the leaching process are exposed ammonia-carbonate, new procedures are described that increase the nickel and cobalt recovery, characterized by the treatment attended with ultrasonic, for the aditivation process with chemical products of national production, substitution of CO2 in the turbos for the air, to a ≥ 60 g/L concentration, without excessive expenses in equipment for their implementation. A negative shade of the influence is given that exercises the iron in the process hydrometallurgical, its correct and opportune separation of the slurry ammoniacal for the mechanism of carbonatation in the first instants of the reactions, with this to be worked it perfects this technology, since leaves to this process without chemical-physical interferences, making to the same one appropriate for the prosecution of the laterities ores after a process of reductor calcination and during the leaching process and washing.
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Miranda-López, J. (2015). Increase of the Ni and Co Recovered in the Carbonate-Ammonia leaching. Chemical Technology, 36(1), 49-68.