Application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in it´s Quality control

  • Carlos Hernández-Pedrera Universidad de Oriente
  • Filipe Da Silva-Portofilipe Universidad del Estado de Amazonas (UEA)
Keywords: process control, statistical control quality, Statistical Process Control (SPC).


The overall objective of this paper is to use the SPC to assess the possibility of improving the process of obtaining a sanitary device. As specific objectives we set out to identify the variables to be analyzed to enter the statistical control of process (SPC), analyze possible errors and variations indicated by the control charts in addition to evaluate and compare the results achieved with the study of SPC before and after monitoring direct in the production line were used sampling methods and laboratory replacement to determine the quality of the finished product, then statistical methods were applied seeking to emphasize the importance and contribution from its application to monitor corrective actions and support processes in production. It was shown that the process is under control because the results were found within established control limits. There is a tendency to be displaced toward one end of the boundary, the distribution exceeds the limits, creating the possibility that under certain conditions the process is out of control, the results also showed that the process being within the limits of quality control is operating far from the optimal conditions. In any of the study situations were obtained products outside the limits of weight and discoloration but defective products were obtained.

Author Biographies

Carlos Hernández-Pedrera, Universidad de Oriente
Filipe Da Silva-Portofilipe, Universidad del Estado de Amazonas (UEA)
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Hernández-Pedrera, C., & Da Silva-Portofilipe, F. (2015). Application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in it´s Quality control. Chemical Technology, 36(1), 130-145.